My name is Rebecca, but most people call me Becca. I was born with a bilateral cleft-lip and palate. I am now 25 years old and one day I plan to have my own foundation. I want it to help children with clefts but also teens and adults; whether it be financially, emotionally, or for scholarship purposes.

For a long time I thought about what I might call my foundation and then one day it hit me. When my cousin Kyla was just a little baby, she would put her hands to her face and say “Love this face” while moving her head side to side. She was adorable but this made her irresistible. Then I thought, that makes sense, “love this face”, because of course I want you to love my cleft as much as you love me as does anyone with a cleft or knows someone with a cleft.

That being said, this is my first blog from “” because one day it WILL be a foundation but until then, it will have my thoughts, fears, motivations for anything even remotely related to clefts and my journey in life.

I hope you will join me in reading along, dropping comments when you see fit, and sharing with anyone who you think might be interested.


9 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Oh my goodness Becca, I LOVE your blog and your darling face! You are definitely going places in this world girl, and they are going to be up and up wonderful!

      • Thank you! I’ve kept them hidden for so long, it’s time to share them. I’m hoping that they’ll help some people that feel alone and like nobody understands. Maybe through them they can see that they really aren’t alone, and there are people that understand.. And I have a close friend that was born with a cleft-lip and pallet, I’m going to point him in the direction of your blog 🙂

      • I think they are good because everyone feels alone at one time or another in their life. I hope that my blogs will reach/touch someone who has a cleft or has a cleft kid. 🙂

  2. Becca, I am so proud of you. I remember you sharing this dream with me a few years ago as we sat by the pool. Now it is a reality and you are well on your way to helping an untold number of people. God has been good to reveal this vision to you and I am sure you will continue to keep Him in the forefront of your foundation. May God bless you and your endeavors as you keep Him first in your life. Doreen

  3. Rebecca, your Aunt Angela told me about your blog. When I saw it, I was so happy to see what you are doing to encourage and bring cheer to those who are experiencing what you have already been through. God has blessed you with such a wonderful gift and it is inspiring to see Him at work through you. May God continue to bless you in this new endeavor! Greetings to your sister and mother! I will never forget your visits to Atoka Elementary and the blessing that you were to the faculty and students. Becky Richards

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